BUKK Cancellation & Refund Policy

BUKK Technology Pty Ltd (also known as BUKK) is a tech. service provider with a phone/web based application connecting truck drivers and customers requiring local cargo transport services in a number of countries especially South Africa.

With a large and busy driver fleet and the diverse delivery needs of our clientele, it is inevitable that situations will arise that call for a refund every once in a while.

There are numerous reasons why a refund from BUKK may need to be issued and this document will outline some of the reasons and situations that will either facilitate or exempt a claim from a refund. If you had an unsatisfactory service or for some reason you are dissatisfied with our service, you may be eligible for a refund from BUKK.

Read on to learn exactly what the BUKK refund policy is and how you can navigate your way through a disputed charge and gain a refund.

BUKK Cancellation Policy

Both users and drivers can cancel truck services at any time.

Hailing the ride is free, however once a ride is accepted by both parties, a fee equivalent to 10% of the quoted ride fare at time of acceptance, may be applied to the customer in the event that the ride is cancelled by the customer. User should therefore plan their journey schedule and requirements before being matched with a driver and accepting the journey.

NOTE: Should a driver cancel the ride under similar circumstances then they will be subject to the same charge

Drivers can choose to cancel or decline a ride on arrival if the user violates BUKK rules regarding prohibited cargo, has understated the weight or size of the cargo in question or requests that the driver contravenes his BUKK Code of Conduct requirements. In this instance you may be charged a cancellation fee.

NOTE: For your own safety, during health crisis situations a driver may refuse to interact with a customer failing to adhere to the face mask or other requirements demanded by the Ministry of Health or other regulatory body.

If you are not present for your Cargo to be picked at a venue that you confirmed you would be, this can also create a fee.

If you feel these fees were charged without proper cause, you can submit a dispute on the site for truck services.

BUKK Refund Policy

If you are unhappy with your BUKK truck service, we regret this and will always welcome constructive criticism to enable us to improve for the future but you may not always be eligible for a refund.

All refund requests/disputes are investigated by BUKK customer services team and determined on a case-by-case basis.

General Exclusions from Refund

Whilst we strive to maintain careful watch over vehicle condition and driver behavior, as a general view but with exceptional circumstances, BUKK will not issue refunds for vehicle or driver quality (unless there is an additional reason) and request that you use the in-app rating system to address issues of that matter where individual drivers are rated according to performance.

NOTE: Should a driver receive three poor ratings or be subject to a formal complaint, he/she shall be suspended pending investigation and/or retraining.

Unavoidable delay, accident or uncontrollable events such as traffic diversion are also highlighted as being ineligible for a refund.

Generally Accepted Reasons for Refund

· Errors in charges, fees that exceeded the estimate by a large margin, or goods being dropped off farther than a short distance from your destination are all causes for a full or partial refund.

· Suspected fraud associated with your account, such as being charged for a journey you didn’t take, multiple deductions or additional costs (such as loading/unloading assistance which was not requested) may entitle you to receive a refund.

Common Reasons for a BUKK Refund

1. Driver Didn’t Show Up

If your driver did not arrive at your request, but you were still charged, BUKK will review your claim and potentially issue a refund.

Outside of the driver just not showing up, there is potential someone else may have taken the truck instead. BUKK recommends ensuring accurate placement of pick-up point, verifying your truck arrival schedule through the app to ensure you are the one who receives and uses the ride requested.

2. Driver Cancelation

Drivers can cancel the service for any number of reasons, some of which may come with cancellation fees.

If you received a cancellation fee but believe that you are not liable, you can contact BUKK for a refund via the app.

BUKK Drivers are also held to a standard they must follow when deciding to cancel a ride. If they breach these policies, the user may be entitled to dispute the cancellation fees.

3. Poor Ride Experience

Provided that the ride was completed successfully, BUKK does not generally consider a poor ride experience to be grounds for a refund. We suggest you make a rating through the app to reflect your experience.

However, a driver deliberately taking the wrong route or extending the mileage are some experiences that may be cause for a refund.

We don’t suggest this often, but if things are really extreme, you’ll want to report a BUKK driver for whatever bad behavior they displayed.

4. I Didn’t Take the Ride

Similar to a driver canceling the truck service, you may encounter cancellation fees for not taking your truck. These fees can only be disputed if they fall outside of the parameters of fee accrual by BUKK.

Grounds for cancellation fees include canceling a ride after a driver accepts the request and having a ride canceled by the driver after waiting past the grace period at the pickup point.

Refund Process:

When looking into how to get a BUKK refund, it’s important to understand how the process works.

1. Report the Issue

The best ways to report an issue with BUKK is through the app, on their help site or registering your concern on the customer support line (8am – 5.30pm only)

Share details of your experience in your report giving time and date of journey and any driver details available.

Customer service can review your dispute once a claim is submitted.

2. Refund Processed

BUKK will review each case reported before issuing any money back to determine if it falls into the correct parameters for a refund.

3. Claim Denied or Refund Paid

Once a refund claim is accepted by BUKK, it can take up to five days for the refund to process and be delivered to your selected bank account.

How to Request a BUKK Refund

1. Request a Refund through the BUKK App

  • From the mobile app, you can select a past trip to request a refund.
  • Click on “your trips” and choose the trip you wish to request a refund for.
  • The app offers several reasons that you can choose from that most closely resembles your specific refund request.
  • Add details as needed to best inform BUKK of your situation and submit it for review.
  • In cases like this, we suggest referencing your BUKK history
  • This is helpful in providing trip details such as driver name and time of trip.
  • 2. Request a Refund through the BUKK Website

    Through the site, you can find the refund section on the help page.

    How to Check the Status of a BUKK Refund

    It may be several days before you are approved by BUKK on your refund request. If you would like to check the status of your dispute in the meantime, contact the support team through the help page on the BUKK website.

    How Long Do BUKK Refunds Take?

    Once accepted, a BUKK refund can take up to five days to be processed.

    This is contingent on day and time of refund approval and maybe delayed by weekends/national holidays or unavoidable problems such as load-shedding or other occurrences outside of our control.

    Where Does My Refund Go if I Get One?

    If you are issued a refund, the money will return to the source in which you used to pay.

    Commonly, the payment is made and returned to the chosen bank account or Credit Card associated with the account. If funds were taken via Credit Card or BUKK Cash, they are reissued to that format of payment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do BUKK drivers get penalised for canceling?

    BUKK drivers can be removed from the app or penalised for making cancellations that breach their contract. This includes refusing truck services based on intended location, fare, and noncompliance with discrimination laws.

    *A discriminatory factor that may apply include discrimination towards a person’s race, colour, gender or sexual orientation.

    Will my BUKK driver know I reported them?

    Drivers are unable to see specific ratings.

    Additionally, the app has a safety feature that allows you to discreetly report incidents that will go directly to the BUKK support team.

    These reports will not reach the driver, but they may be subjected to penalties or operational restrictions based on their committed infraction.

    Why does BUKK keep charging me?

    BUKK submits temporary holds on accounts called holds. These holds are made to prevent fraud and validate your account.

    The authorisation holds may linger for a few days, so monitor the charges closely to ensure you are being charged for what you owe and nothing more.

    On your account, you may see several charges, but only the true charge will go through.

    If there is any doubt about any deduction, please contact customer service or implement a refund request through the app.

    Can BUKK drivers offer services to a non-user of the App?

    No,BUKK drivers are not permitted to accept a journey that is not processed through the BUKK app. If a BUKK customer is offered to complete the journey outside the app,is asked for separate or additional payment or offered an alternative for the ride they called. This is against Company policy and may render any consumer protection benefits or insurances null and void.

    Should this happen and if you are put into this situation, you should insist on the ride being managed through the app and report the incident immediately.

    Wrapping Up

    There are many reasons why you may want to dispute a BUKK charge.

    To get your refund, be sure you review the policy beforehand to ensure it qualifies for dispute.

    Submit a dispute through the app or site and expect to see your funds returned around five days after the dispute has been accepted and processed.

    If you need to dispute a charge with BUKK be prompt and concise with what you challenge.

    The more detail you can provide, the more likely you will increase your chances of getting your money back.

    Thank you

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