Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Be ready to go.

The driver has 5 minutes waiting period.

Let the driver follow the GPS unless you know a better route.

Try to follow your cargo through the app and upon delivery you will receive a notification to confirm with the receiving party.

Make sure the vehicle and driver details match with what is in the app.

After you are matched with BUKK driver, your app shares information about the vehicle and BUKK driver headed to your pick up location. Tap the bar that indicates the drivers name , photo, and vehicle.This photo of the driver along with the vehicle make, license and number plate.

BUKK doesn’t necessary offer multiple drop offs however its advisable to inform the driver of multiple drop offs. The trip price shall depend on the time spent while on transit.

Yes, BUKK drivers offer loading and offloading however goods which require machinery the loading and offloading is handled by the customer.

For all customer queries, loss of cargo,accidents and recommendations please contact BUKK support team.We are always learning from customer complaints, queries and recommendations while striving for excellence.

Yes, discounts are only given on trips above a certain distance.

BUKK accepts cash, debt and credit cards, however if a trip is more than 5km a customer is required to use a card.

Log into the BUKK app and contact support team.

If BUKK drivers are unavailable you can schedule for the trip as we look for a nearby BUKK driver to reach out to you.

Yes, BUKK offers insurance up to a certain amount of premium for every load put on a bakkie. However customers are advised to purchase insurance of goods while in transit.

Yes, If you give a driver a 5star you can always book them whenever they are available. However if the driver is bad we make sure you don’t encounter them again.

Yes, BUKK offers only one passenger seat in all bakkie s. However there no passenger seats in trucks and trailers.

A BUKK customer will be charged for cancellation of the trip especially when the driver has already accepted the trip, on there way and when they have already arrived at the pick up location.

For more information about insurance contact BUKK support team or email

Yes, refunds are made on customer to customer and case by case. Refunds are processed within 5 working days depending on the reason for the fund.


BUKK is a South African based company that connects load to drivers.

Go to play store or apple store and download the BUKK app.

Sign up as a partner,enter personal details,confirm account,enter company and vehicle details,upload required documents and finish.

BUKK drivers are partners.

There is a lot of money on every trip a BUKK driver accepts and a BUKK driver works at their own schedule and according to their availability.

BUKK doesn’t have any gender preferences and therefore women are equally encouraged to apply.

Yes, After a successful completion of on boarding and vehicle inspection all BUKK drivers are required to attend a training offered by the safety team.

Yes, All BUKK drivers are required to have a police clearance certificate and department of transport licence.

The on boarding process is instant however the date for vehicle inspection will be communicated to you via email.

Yes, BUKK driver registration is instant but date and venue for vehicle inspection is always communicated to you via email.

BUKK drivers make more than R30,000 a week.

The BUKK driver app has the SOS which contacts the safety team in case of accidents, bad weather,theft,robbery and BUKK customers are notified in case of emergency's through the app.

You can become a co-driver by making a separate arrangement with a BUKK driver. However co-drivers are a responsibility of the BUKK driver.

BUKK drivers are paid after every Tuesday of the week through there bank accounts.

BUKK drivers are required to present bank statements as proof of residence which is also used for their payments.

The venue for vehicle inspection is always communicated through email and inspection is carried out in designated places with specific partners.

Yes, BUKK drivers work according to their schedule and availability

All BUKK drivers are required to have a reflector jacket, gloves, tarpaulin, safety shoes,gumboots.

All BUKK drivers are required to have a reflector jacket, gloves, tarpaulin, safety shoes,gumboots.

BUKK app automatically sets the language based on the language settings of your device, so in order to change the language of the application, you should change the language settings of your smart phone.

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