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Try out BUKK: A South African on-demand revolution in private and commercial, short-distance cargo delivery.

How to get started

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Choose pickup location, destination and the perfect vehicle for your delivery

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Your nearest BUKK Driver quickly arrives and optionally helps you load.

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Accompany your BUKK Driver to the destination and offload.

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Payment is settled and you can rate your awesome BUKK experience.

Why is BUKK awesome?

BUKK is a cashless mobile app that allows you to easily and cheaply call on the closest BUKK driver and their cargo vehicle to deliver your cargo safely and quickly to its destination.

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Get cargo moved easily and cheaply

No more worries about cargo delivery companies that overcharge and under deliver.

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All Cargo Vehicle Types

Get cargo delivered with everything from pickup trucks to large tankers.

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Help with loading

Our driver can optionally help you to load and offload your cargo for you.

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Complete Safety & Security

Our drivers are carefully vetted and their vehicle properly inspected.

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Quick, Cashless Payments

Easily pay for your delivery using major credit cards.

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Complete Support

Our support team is always on hand. If you have any queries. We have your back.

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